Math & Problem-solving training
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Maths & Problem-solving training
Maths & Problem-solving training
A full-on boost of students' mathematics concepts, logical thinking and problem-solving skills via inspirational and interactive questions
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P3- F2
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MAD delivers multi-format questions, to motivate students with interactive, trial-&-error and situation-based designs.
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Originated from
World Class Arena
The content was devised by the Department for Education (DfE) of the British government with questions written by worldwide renowned educators. Topics & questions are all derived from actual case studies. It lays a solid foreground for children to take part in the World Class Tests, an internationally recognised assessment on Maths & Problem-solving skills!
Interactive Learning
Enhance the Essential Skills
MAD questions are presented with a diverse range of interactive experiments, animations and games to enhance students' interests in learning. They do not only encourage students to live the maths concepts, but to also strengthen their skills in observation, data processing, analysis and progressively boost their higher-order thinking.
Adapting to Hong Kong Mathematics Curriculum
All MAD questions are vigorously organised by Hong Kong educators and senior teachers to make links and complement the school-based learning.
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