About Learnlex
Learnlex is a new-generation eLearning platform! We are passionate about innovating education and developing students' learning motivation through technology. In face of rapid technological improvement, and a constant demand of 21st century skills in students from tertiery education and the workplace, Learnlex strives to develop unusual teaching & learning materials that can strengthen students' cross disciplinary knowledge and higher-order thinking skills, so they can stay future proof.
10K+ student users
Support from 400+ schools
10+ years of teaching & learning experiences
Empower students to be leaders
Learnlex highlights explorative and experiential learning. We relish the challenge of creating interactive content and elements in order to stimulate students' learning. With a breakthrough in learning style, we aim to nurture students who can apply their learning with confidence to solve day-to-day problems.
Innovating Education with technology
We believe in the power of technology in making a difference. We joint hands with a vast ray of scientific and scholarly institutes in applying articificial intelligience in our system. As an outcome, we proudly bring to students our highly-customisable learning solutions, as well as a systematic and data-backed reflection of their learning progress.