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MAD - Maths & Problem-solving Skills Training
MAD - Maths & Problem-solving Skills Training
P3 ~ F2
Recommended by eREAP of HKEdCity, MAD complements Hong Kong Maths curriculum and cultivates higher order thinking through interactive questions.
World Class Tests Preparation
World Class Tests Preparation
8 ~ 16 yrs old
Prepare for World Class Tests, a globally-renowned Maths & Problem-solving assessment, with exclusive mock papers.
Coming Soon
TWIG: Science Multimedia Learning tools
TWIG: Science Multimedia Learning tools
P3 ~ F2
Through exploring the award-winning video database, students learn science concepts in relation to real-life scenarios.
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Performance Reports
Weekly notification of students' learning progress, including exercise completion, learning strengths & weaknesses
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Wherever you go, learning comes in a go on desktop or tablet!
Multi-language support
Catering learning needs of different schools and students
Explore and Learn!
Learn in a fun way!
With our gaming interface, students can customise their characters and earn virtual awards by completing the questions
Detailed solutions
Students can always go back and revise the solutions and chllenge themselves with questions of the same spectrum
Find your learning allies!
Invite friends to join as allies; the more the merrier! Challenge each other with questions and improve together
People love Learnlex!
“My son's general performance has improved after taking MAD exercises; he also becomes more active in problem-solving in daily scenarios.”
Mrs. Ding
“There are multiple solutions to each question, this encourages my son to think in different perspectives and has enriched his learning experiences.”
Mrs. Leung
“It employs an inspiring and systematic approach to guide and to train students' higher order thinking ability.”
Professor Ng Tai-kai